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Episode 3 - 2008 November

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Episode 3 taped on November 10, 2008. Garylene Javier was our host, with speaker Didi Gu-Chiang and evaluator Becky Divinski. The featured club is Public Speakeasy, which held an open house.


Do you have a non-native accent? We had an Education topic for the second half of the show--Bud Everts gave some basic tips on American accent acquisition.



Rundown Timing

28:30 0:30 Show Introduction TBTB opening, custom leader
28:00 1:00 Welcoming Comments by Host Garylene Javier, Host
27:00 0:30 Host Garylene Intros Objectives Speaker Garylene describes objectives, with Graphic
26:30 6:30

Speaker DiDi

Humorous Contest Speech

Speaker Didi:  enters camera left. Host Garylene exits camera right.
20:00 1:00 Interview, Garylene and Didi

Host Garylene enters from camera right.



Host Intros Evaluator


Speaker Didi exits to left; evaluator Becky enters from left
18:30 2:30 Evaluation by Becky Evaluator Becky Divinski. Bring up Speech Objectives gfx sometime during Evaluation. At end of Eval, Garylene enters Camera Right
16:00 0:30 Host Garylene intros Rollin Host introduces Rollin
15:30 3:00 Rollin about Public Speakeasy Rollin about Public Speakeasy
12:30 0:30

Host Intros

Educational Speaker


Host Introduces Education Speaker Bud Everts
12:00 9:00 Accent Reduction presentation by Bud Bud Everts speaking on Accent Reduction
3:00 1:00 Interview 
Garylene Interviews Bud
2:00 1:30 Wrapup (incl. URLs, email, etc). Garylene closes the show with information about Website URL, Email, how to find a club, and District Announcements
0:30 0:30 Credit Roll (Timed to stay at end for 5 sec pad)

Host Joined by speakers and evaluators.

Credit Roll over long shot

0 -- BLACK  


List of Graphics

  • Tag - Garylene Javier, Host
  • Tag - Didi Gu-Chiang, "Aging and Wisdom"
  • Tag - Bud Everts

      "Communicating with Clarity and Confidence for Non-Native Speakers of American English"

  • Tag - Bud Everts

      American Accent Acquisition Coach


  • Tag - Becky Divinski, Speech Evaluator
  • Objectives graphic for Speaker 1:

    Speech Objectives: Humorously Speaking - Keep Them Laughing

    • Open Speech with a Self-Depreciating Joke

    • String together Related Jokes in the Speech Body

    • Close the Speech with a Humorous Story

  • Lower Third

    Goals of Accent Acquisition

    • Clarity: Understood the First Time

    • Confidence: Feel more Comfortable

    • Communication: Accuracy

  • Lower Third

    Primary Skills: Accent Acquisition

    • Word Stress (Rubber Band Method)

    • Content vs. Function Words

    • Breath and Air Flow

  • Lower Third

    Options to Modify your Accent

    • Self-Study (CD's, Books)

    • ESL Classes

    • Personal Coaching: Live or Internet

  • Lower Third

    Benefits: Personal Coaching

    • One-to-One Correction at Own Pace

    • Customized to your Personal Needs

    • Fast Progress (2 months vs. 6-24 Months)

  • lower 3d - District 4 Toastmasters, D4TM.org
  • lower 3d - Toastmasters International, www.Toastmasters.Org
  • lower 3d - Comments? Suggestions? Email us at TV@D4TM.org
  • Title
  • Credit Roll



  • Director - Scott Van Duyne
  • Switcher - Bill Lindemann
  • Sound - Steve Hall
  • Graphics - Marty Wasserman
  • Floor Director - Stan Ng
  • Camera - Cathy Keys
  • Camera - Rick Berwick
  • Camera - Dan Beaulier
  • Field Segment Producer - Bill Lindemann


Rollin: Public Speakeasy

We visited Public Speakeasy during their open house, currently being edited. The Rollin will feature the open house and two interviews, of a Public Speakeasy officer and a new member who joined after visiting the open house.


Taping Timeline - November 10, 2008 5:30pm

5:30 : General Crew Call

5:50 :  (cast) please be present so we can go over details, questions, etc, and familiarize yourself with the studio. If you have not already done so, please review episode 1 or episode 2 to get an idea of what we're after.

6:50 : Audience please be seated in the studio no later than this time. You're welcome to come earlier and hang out at the lobby but you won't be admitted into the studio (lots of hubbub!) until sometime after then.

We must finish by 8:00 PM as there is another show taping right after ours. Accordingly, please be prompt and willing to take direction to speed things along. We have to roll tape no later than 7:10, it will help if all questions are asked and answered early in the evening before we start taping!

Cast and Crew: If you can't make it please let Henry or Stan know immediately.



  • All talent (Garylene, Didi, Becky, Bud) were effective--by turns humorous, warm, vibrant, and confident.
  • Visual aids were used effectively. Bud told director and camera crew exactly what was coming up, and we were able to get great camera angles when visual aids were brought up. Make a point of asking talent to prep production crew about visual aids in the future as well.
  • We need more studio audience! Everyone should recruit people to sit in audience (you don't need to be a Toastmaster), and the production crew should strive to start on time so people will want to return to be in the audience.
  • Cam2 could not get a head-on shot of lectern. This meant the accent lights were misaligned. Reason: We did not allow enough room for left side aisle (Cam1 Dolly room) so we had to shift all audience chairs on short notice. This caused the aisle to be shifted to right; Cam2 depends on the aisle to be dead center on lectern. In future, make sure Cam1 has dolly room before setting up rest of chairs.
  • Host should walk behind camera 3 when entering/exiting to avoid walking in front of shots.
  • Left side curtain was rotated edgewise to the cameras! Should make sure curtains are slanted slightly toward cameras and not backstage.
  • Dare to venture in front of the lectern, especially shorter people; we can't get a good waist-up shot when a shorter speaker is behind the lectern! Maybe put a riser behind lectern if talent is short?


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