Episode 8 - 2009 May


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Episode 8 taped on May 11, 2009. Mark Stiving spoke about self assessment ("Self Honesty") and Shilpa Vir talked about friendship ("The Ship and the Lifeboat"). Robert van Horne and Harsha Vyas evaluated their speeches. Henry Miller hosts.



Rundown Timing

28:30 0:30 Show Introduction
28:00 1:00 Welcoming Comments by Henry Miller
27:00 0:30 Henry Intros Objectives Speaker (Mark Stiving)
26:30 6:00

Speech - Speaker 1 Mark Stiving, "Self Honesty"

20:30 1:00 Host Interviews Speaker


Host Introduces Evaluator (Robert van Horne)

19:00 2:30 Evaluation - Robert van Horne
16:30 0:30 Henry intros Rollin
16:00 3:00 Rollin: LEB Toastmasters
13:00 0:30

Henry Intros Speaker #2, Shilpa Vir

12:30 6:00

 Speaker #2, Shilpa Vir, "The Ship and the Lifeboat"

6:30 1:00 Host Interviews Speaker 
5:30 0:30

Host Introduces Evaluator Harsha Vyas

5:00 2:30 Evaluation-Harsha 
2:30 2:00 Wrapup (incl. URLs, email, etc).
0:30 0:30 Credit Roll
0 -- BLACK


List of Graphics



Not available: Marty, Fred, Dan

Taping Timeline - Monday, May 11, 2008 5:30pm

5:30 : General Crew Call. Dinner time! We'll set up Studio, and have Dinner in shifts while setup continues.

6:00 :  (cast) please be present so we can go over details, questions, etc, and familiarize yourself with the studio. If you have not already done so, please review past episodes (see the sidebar on the righ) to get an idea of what we're after.

7:00 : Audience please be seated in the studio no later than this time. You're welcome to come earlier and hang out at the lobby but you won't be admitted into the studio (lots of hubbub!) until sometime after 7.

We must finish by 8:00 PM as there is another show taping right after ours. Accordingly, please be prompt and willing to take direction to speed things along. We have to roll tape no later than 7:20, it will help if all questions are asked and answered early in the evening before we start taping!

Cast and Crew: If you can't make it please let Henry or Stan know immediately.