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Talent Briefing Checklist

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  • Avoid White clothing. Off-white is better. Pure white tends to be too bright
  • Avoid finely patterened clothing, such as herringbone designs, or sharply contrasting knit patterns. These may result in Moire patterns.
  • When standing for a 2-shot, get CLOSE. Closer than would be comfortable in real life. That's the only way a camera can pick up both people without a lot of empty space between them
  • Do not applaud close to the mic. Clap away from the mic or not at all. Mics will be adjusted for speech levels, so hand clapping will register unnaturally loud.
  • Do not touch mic, or thump chest. Mic will pick up these sounds unnaturally loud.
  • Don't walk in front of Camera 1 if the tally light is on. Rely on the Floor director to signal when it's safe to cross in front of Camera 1
  • We go "Live to Tape" meaning we don't stop for anything! Don't be distracted...ignore any activity, noise and even conversations that the crew may be involved in (camera people, floor director, miscellaneous people popping in from the Control Room). There may be technical problems being solved behind the scenes, rarely involving you. If someone needs to attract your attention, it will be obvious.

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