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Toastmaster Time - Special Project

Page history last edited by Stan Ng 10 years, 3 months ago

Toastmaster Time (TmT) has been in production for more than 10 years, at the Comcast Fremont studio, as a public access production. Comcast recently announced to all their access producers that all public access studio availability is discontinued. As a result, the producers of TmT are scrambling to find a temporary studio until Comcast can ink an agreement with an East Bay production facility (either Chabot College or Fremont Adult School) to provide studio facilities for existing public access producers which used to use Comcast facilities. They would need a studio date for October and November.


Stan has offered to help produce shows at the Media Center for those two months. 


Rundown Timing 

Graphics Segment
28:30 0:30 Open Roll over
Leader Rollin
MC splash (:10), Show Introduction (:20)
28:00 1:00

Host, Evaluator


Host and Evaluator banter
27:00 1:00 Speaker1 Tag Host interviews Speaker 1
26:00 0:30   1-shot Host while Evaluator/Speaker swap positions while Host says each speech has an objective, and intros Evaluator
25:30 0:30 Spkr1 Ojbectives Host, Evaluator talk about Objectives
25:00 6:00 Speech1 Tag Speaker 1
19:00 2:00 Evaluator Tag Evaluation. Host tosses to PSA #1
17:00 1:00   PSA #1
16:00 1:00 Host, Spkr2 Tag Host Welcomes Back, interviews Speaker 2
15:00 0:30   1-shot Host while Evaluator/Speaker swap positions while Host says each speech has an objective, and intros Evaluator
14:30 0:30 Evaluator Tag Host, Evaluator talk about Objectives
14:00 6:00 Speech2 Tag Speaker 2
8:00 2:00   Evaluation. Host tosses to PSA #2
6:00 1:00   PSA #2
5:00 3:00   Host Welcomes Back, banters with Evaluator. Pad to Wrap
2:00 1:00

TmT, D57,

Phone Tags

Wrapup (URL's, phone numbers)
1:00 0:30 Credit Roll 2-shot during credit roll
0:30 0:30   2-shot with NO GRAPHICS. this is for additional roll in post.
0 --   BLACK




List of Graphics

See Graphics folder for design of TmT Graphics - we want to be reasonably close to these graphics. The original graphics are from Compix system, so we would not be able to import these directly to Deko; they would need to be redesigned.

  • Opening Credit Roll
  • Tag - Peggy Fry, Host
  • Tag - Kevin Wood, Speech Evaluator
  • Tag - Ruthchaya Thitinavakun, Pleasanton Community Club
  • Tag - Ruthchaya Thitinavakun, One Night
  • Storytelling Manual, Project 4, The Touching Story


    * To understand the techniques available to arouse emotion.

    * To become skilled in arousing emotions while telling a story.

  • Tag - David Howard, Istand City Club
  • Tag - David Howard, "No" On SunCal's Alameda Point Revitalization Initiative
  • CC manual, Project 9, Persuade With Power


    * Persuade listeners to adopt your viewpoint or ideas or to take some action.

    * Appealing to the audience’s interests.

    * Use logic and emotion to support your position. 

  • Tag -  1-800-464-8657, Toastmasters District 57
  • Tag -  www.ToastmasterTime.com
  • Tag - www.D57Toastmasters.org
  • Closing Credit Roll 



  • Producer - George Marshall/Alan Zoroaster/Stan Ng
  • Director - Scott [ confirmed ]
  • Switcher - Bill [ confirmed ]
  • Sound - Steve [ confirmed ]
  • Graphics - Marty [ confirmed ]
  • Floor Director - Stan [ confirmed ] or Matt Freeland
  • Cameras - Loren [ confirmed ]
  • Cameras - Doug [ confirmed ]
  • Camera - Lisa [ confirmed ]


Not available: Fred, Birgit, Mark D.


Taping Timeline - Thursday, October 22, 2009 7:30 pm

7:30 : All hands Call Time. Please meet in the kitchen (aka "gold room") for production rundown. Please be prompt! Since this is a one-off of a show with a decade's worth of momentum we'll need to get crew up to speed with what's to happen during the show. Snacks will be served.

8:00 : Studio available. Select and arrange set pieces. Rig lights. Audio Checks.

9:15 : Studio setup and lighting done. Start Rehearsals

9:45 : Roll Tape

10:15 : Wrap. Strike studio



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