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Episode 22 - Special Edition

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Episode 22 of Toastmasters Bay to Bay taped on June 30, 2010. In this special episode, we present a full Toastmasters meeting to serve as a model for new members and non-Toastmasters. We present 2 speakers and evaluators, Table Topics, and all the usual role players: Grammarian, Word-of-the-Day, Ah counter, Timer, General Evaluator.   


Rundown Timing

Red timepoints should be communicated to talent in advance with 1min, 30s and "wrap" cues.

58:30 0:30 Show Introduction
58:00 1:00 Welcome by Toastmaster (TM), Art Maurice
57:00  0:30  TM introduces Grammarian for Word of the Day 
56:30  1:00  Word of the Day by Grammarian, Stan Ng 
55:30  0:30  TM introduces Humorist, Robin Pomerance 
55:00 2:30 Humorist presents Joke of the Day
52:30 0:30 TM introduces Evaluator 1, Richard Bannin
52:00  1:00  Evaluator 1 introduces objectives for Speaker 1, introduces Speaker
51:00 7:30 Speech by Scott Goering, "Compatibility
43:30 0:30  TM introduces Evaluator 2, Niels Teunis 
43:00 1:00 Evaluator 2 introduces objectives for Speaker 2, introduces Speaker
42:00 7:30 Speech by Mark Stiving, "Tuesday Tickets"
34:30 0:30 TM introduces Table Topics Master, Birgit Starmanns
34:00 1:00 Opening Comments on Table Topics segment by Host 
33:00 12:00 Table Topics Session,  featuring 4 speakers, up to 1.5-2.5 minutes each


TM introduces General Evaluator (GE), Denet Lewis

20:30 1:00 Opening comments on evaluation section by GE
19:30 0:30 GE introduces Evaluator 1, Richard Bannin
19:00 3:30 Evaluation of Speaker 1
15:30 0:30 GE introduces Evaluator 2, Niels Teunis
15:00 3:30 Evaluation of Speaker 2
11:30 0:30 GE introduces Ah-counter, Mike Barsul
11:00 2:00 Ah-counter reports on filler words
9:00 0:30 GE introduces Timer, Miriam Kojnok
8:30 2:00 Timer reports on timing of meeting segments
6:30 0:30 GE introduces Grammarian, Stan Ng
6:00 2:00 Grammarian reports on use of word of the day, grammatical observations
4:00 2:00 GE comments on meeting, turns back over to Toastmaster
2:00 1:30 Wrapup (incl. URLs, email, etc).
0:30 0:30 Credit Roll
0 -- BLACK



List of Graphics

  • Tag - Art Maurice / Toastmaster
  • Tag - Robin Pomerance / Humorist
  • Tag - Scott Goering / "Compatibility"
  • Tag - Richard Bannin / Speech Evaluator
  • Tag - Mark Stiving / "Tuesday Tickets
  • Tag - Niels Teunis / Speech Evaluator
  • Tag - Birgit Starmanns / Table Topics Master
  • Tag - Nii Mensah / Table Topics Speaker 1
  • Tag - Oksana Walton / Table Topics Speaker 2
  • Tag - Elaine Lung / Table Topics Speaker 3 
  • Tag - Kristyn Fredericks / Table Topics Speaker 4
  • Tag - Denet Lewis / General Evaluator 
  • TagMike Barsul / Ah-Counter
  • Tag - Miriam Kojnok / Timer
  • Tag - Stan Ng / Grammarian




  • Producer - Birgit Starmanns
  • Director - Scott [confirmed]
  • Switcher - OPEN
  • Graphics -Bill [confirmed]
  • Audio - Steve [confirmed]
  • Floor Director - Fred [confirmed]
  • Camera - Sara [confirmed]
  • Camera - Doug K [confirmed]
  • Camera -Lisa [confirmed]



  • Great show! Pretty much everyone was on their game
  • Talent arrived too early--8pm. Previous show that evening (The Theatre Factory) was 45min late (!) so we didn't roll tape until just past 10pm. This made for an antsy environment in the lobby as talent waited a long time to go on. Plan to roll tape at 45min before the end of the taping slot for a 1/2 hour show; and 1:15 before the end of the taping slot for a 1 hour show.
  • We were overly conservative on the timing, had to stretch everyone in the functionary roles. We should just end the show early rather than strive for 58:30 TRT, because the stretching got a bit labored.
  • Because of the large number of speakers, we had to area mic the stage. This was done with 3 mics: an electrovoice on the lectern, plus 2 shotguns (both Marshall shotguns, to match tone) mounted on roller boom stands at either side of audience area. Shotguns were angled rather than hung on light grid because the last time we hung a shotgun there was an annoying echo. Angling the mics toward the stage sounds much better than the time we hung a shotgun pointed straight down (at the hard polished floor). But the audio still sounded really thin. Nothing beats a worn lavalier mic.

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