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Episode 41 - 2012 February

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Episode 41 taped on February 13, 2012.

Aaron McDaniel reflects on the challenges facing the millenial generation upon entering the workforce in "The First Step to Being a Young Professional". Anthony Hogan challenges us to consider more than geography in considering the concept of "Home". Chris Pon and Dhwani Shah evaluate the speeches. We visit professional speaker Rory Vaden, and Birgit Starmanns hosts.



Rundown Timing

28:30 0:30 Show Introduction
28:00 1:00 Welcoming Comments by Host, Birgit Starmanns
27:00 0:30 Host Intros Objectives for Speaker 1
26:30 6:30 Speaker 1, Aaron McDaniel,"The first step to being a successful young professional"
20:00 1:00 Host Interviews Speaker1 


Host Introduces Evaluator1 (Chris Pon)

18:30 2:30 Evaluation of Speech
16:00 0:30 Host intros Rollin


3:00 Rollin - Rory Vaden
12:30 0:30

Host Introduces Objectives for Speaker 2

12:00 6:30

Speaker 2, Anthony Hogan "Home"

5:30 1:00 Host Interviews Speaker2
4:30 0:30 Host Introduces Evaluator2, (Dhwani Shah)  
4:00 2:30 Evaluation of Speech 
1:30 1:30 Wrapup (incl. URLs, email, etc.).
0:30 0:30 Credit Roll
0 -- BLACK



List of Graphics

  • Tag - Birgit Starmanns / Host
  • Tag - Aaron McDaniel / "The first step to being a successful young professional"
  • Tag - Chris Pon /Speech Evaluator
  • Tag - Anthony Hogan / "Home"
  • Tag - Dhwani Shah / Speech Evaluator
  • lower 3d - District 4 Toastmasters, D4TM.org
  • lower 3d - Toastmasters International, www.Toastmasters.org
  • Title
  • Credit Roll 
  • Objectives for Speaker 1
  • Objectives for Speaker 2 
  • "Rory Vaden" segment produced by Stan Ng



  • Producer - Birgit/Denet/Stan
  • Director -  Dan (confirmed)
  • Switcher -  Open
  • Sound -  Steve (confirmed)
  • Graphics -  Fred (confirmed) / Karen O. (confirmed)
  • Floor Director - Denet (confirmed)
  • Camera -  Michael U. (confirmed) 
  • Camera -  Alan (confirmed)
  • Camera -  Stan (confirmed) 


Not available: Lisa, Cheryl, David, Stacie, Mythili, Doug, Audrey, Dean, Krishna


Taping Timeline

8:00 : General Crew Call. Dinner time! We'll set up Studio, and have Dinner in shifts while setup continues.

9:00 : (cast) please be present so we can go over details, questions, etc, and familiarize yourself with the studio. If you have not already done so, please review past episodes (see the sidebar on the right) to get an idea of what we're after.

9:25 : Studio is ready. Audience please be seated in the studio at this time. You're welcome to come earlier and hang out at the lobby but you won't be admitted into the studio (lots of hubbub!) until this time.

To move things along, please be prompt and willing to take direction. We'd like to roll tape no later than 9:50 in order to wrap by 10:30. It will help if all questions are asked and answered early in the evening before we start taping!

Cast and Crew: If you can't make it please let Birgit or Stan know immediately.



  1. Needed to edit because wrong button was pushed on switcher--DDR for unknown reason no longer video sync'd with Program video so it needs to be routed through a TBC instead of directly switched.
  2. Intro was cut off because original leader tape was not at MC--we played it from a previous episode's master tape. Need to keep leader at MC tape library, and to keep a copy on the DDR computer.

Comments (3)

Stan Ng said

at 9:14 am on Feb 15, 2012

Lighting looks better on this show than on the submitted entry for WAVE last year. This is a good thing because we were dinged on that.

Stan Ng said

at 9:15 am on Feb 15, 2012

Camera 1 should back off. Too close to the speaker, so we got distorted perspective.

Stan Ng said

at 9:19 am on Feb 15, 2012

We should have evaluators briefly address the objectives, otherwise leave objectives out of the graphics. I think objectives are good so that viewers have something to refer to as the evaluation is going on. It drives home the point that speakers are working on specific things.

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