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Episode 56 - 2013 May

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Episode 56 was recorded on May 13, 2013.


This is a "Talk Show" format, to satisfy "Communicating on Television" projects 1-3 (Editorial Opinion, Talk Show Guest, Talk Show Host).

Set Design

Set 1 (Camera Left): Interview set, with chairs, plants, with Orange/Yellow flats and a Toastmaster banner

Set 2 (Camera Right): Editorial speaker, seated behind a desk, with 2 blue flats


Featured Topics

Elizabeth Barton, interviewed by Stan Ng, will talk about her transformation from a 1st Sgt in the Army to a practitioner in astrology and metaphysics.

Ben Cardenas will give a commentary on An Insidious Disease.

Ram Kowshika, interviewed by Dhwani Shah, will speak about Indian culture.


Rundown Timing

Visual Segment
28:30 0:30 TBTB Open Show Open Roll-in
28:00 1:00
Clean Single on Host Host, Stan Ng   
Opening and Explanatory Comments 
27:00 10:30
Various 1- and 2-shots

Host, Stan Ng Introduces and Interviews

Guest, Elizabeth Barton

Static, clean single on host

Host, Stan Ng introduces

Commentator Ben Cardenas

16:00 3:00 Single, static shot Ben Cardenas Editorial Speech
Various 1- and 2-shots

Host, Dhwani Shah

Introduces and Interviews

Guest, Ram Kowshika

Static, clean Single on host
Host, Dhwani Shah Closing Comments
0:30 Wide Studio Shot under credits Credit Roll
0 --   BLACK



List of Graphics

  • Tag - Stan Ng, Host
  • Tag - Elizabeth Barton, Guest 
  • Tag - Ben Cardenas, Commentator
  • Tag - Dhwani Shah, Host  
  • Tag - Ram Kowshika, Guest
  • lower 3d - District 4 Toastmasters, D4TM.org
  • lower 3d - Toastmasters International, www.Toastmasters.org 
  • Credit Roll 



  • Producer - Birgit/Stan
  • Director - Alan (confirmed)
  • Switcher - Don (confirmed)
  • Sound - Steve (confirmed)
  • Graphics - Shanit (confirmed)
  • Floor Director -   Austin (confirmed)
  • Camera - Trich (confirmed) 
  • Camera - Audrey (confirmed)
  • Camera -  Brenna (confirmed)


Not available: David, Fred


Taping Timeline

7:45 : Crew Dinner is served! 

8:00 : General Crew Call. Design and set up two sets: Interview Set (Camera Left) and Editorial Desk (Camera Right)

8:30 : Studio is ready for lighting. Tech lights with help of lighting control monitor, stand-ins.

9:30 : Lighting Complete

9:50 : Roll Tape

10:30 : Studio Wrap



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